Foreclosure Mediation

The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program was established with the passing of Assembly Bill 149 and went into effect on July 1, 2009.

Our Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program services are one of the foreclosure prevention, credit management, and debt management tools we specialize in.  We have represented many homeowners in foreclosure mediations including being awarded monetary judgements at the Petition for Judicial Review stage. See our Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program video series for more on the program.


Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program Video #1

Providing the bare minimum for a good faith mediation is not our goal.  This is why we developed functionality with our Falcondox software to specifically address the needs and possible potential benefits to the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program including do it yourself document preparation and access to related Nevada Foreclosure Laws.

Our clients, lender representative, and mediator are given access to the required documents along with additional information we are able to present efficiently through the use of our proprietary software.  This may not be the easiest thing to appreciate - but if you can picture all of your financial documentation on a table.  Then, picture discussions how different assets, income, and expenses affect your ability to have a positive relationship with your lender, while negotiating a final dollar amount of your future payment.  Our experience with the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program would suggest that you would be much better served as a homeowner in this program with a representative that has invested in technology that can present your situation in the best light possible rather than being represented by someone who is shuffling papers and a calculator like a puppet on strings held by your lender.

We discuss the Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program in detail in our Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program video series.

The Supreme Court of Nevada developed this program, which provide many benefits and legal recourse to homeowners that are not available with loan modification (or loan mod) applications alone.  To provide foreclosure mediation, or loan modification services a company and individual must be licensed with the state of Nevada.  We would suggest doing more research if you come across someone offering loan modification services without the option for foreclosure mediation services.  It would be careless not to take full advantage of the foreclosure prevention tools that we are very fortunate to have here in the State of Nevada.

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