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Las Vegas Debt Management is made up of service providers that are regulated by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Financial Institutions Division.  The “Division” has issued at least 16 Debt Adjuster licenses.  For a complete list of Debt Management companies (also called debt settlement or debt consolidation) look at our “Debt Management Companies” page.  As of August 9, 2010 12 of the 16 licensees no longer had physical addresses/offices located in Nevada leaving 4 companies with licenses, offices, phone numbers and websites. We also offer related video series and similar evaluations for Credit Management and Credit Management Companies.


What follows is a list of some of the primary requirements of licensure.  This is not a complete list but it is meant to provide a general understanding for the licensing requirements of members of Las Vegas Debt Consolidation.


In order to be issued a license a service provider must initially be able to satisfy:


  • An FBI background check  - This provides the ability to evaluate a licensee’s history;
  • Child Support Statement -  This provides the ability to evaluate  any support obligations;
  • Personal History Record – This provides personal information and efficiency to the application by ejecting some applications prior to costs incurred by the FBI background check;
  • Two completed fingerprint cards – This is done for identification and verification purposes;
  • An additional financial statement;
  • A copy of the lease or other document that includes the address of the place of business and phone number of applicant;
  • Documentation of at least 2 years experience in related fields
  • Letters of explanation for any derogatory items listed in the above submissions;
  • Supporting documentation that the applicant is in good standing with the State of Nevada, Secretary of State;
  • A Copy of the Business license;
  • A Copy of the State of Nevada Department of Taxation Business License;
  • A bond of at least $15,000 - This provides insurance in the event of any wrong-doing or misappropriations of funds;
  • A credit evaluation – This provides the ability to evaluate creditworthiness;
  • Personal Financial Questionnaire – This provides financial information that would indicate the ability to provide quality services;
  • Business organization and filing requirements- This is done to evidence the companies compliance with state and local laws on business structure;
  • A General Business Plan;


Las Vegas Debt Management is becoming an exclusive list of service providers that welcome and appreciate the hard-work and dedication of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, Financial Institutions Division.


Previous Credit Service Organization License # 3501
Previous Covered Service Provider License # 3379
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